Clubhouse in a Box

Seeds of Hope is a registered Christian 501 (c) 3 and is committed to ending child trafficking.   We are called to give “at-risk”  children and teenagers a safe places to gather and experience God’s love, and to learn important life skills that will inspire potential and empower them with new economic opportunities.

We have written a program called  “Clubhouse in a Box”  which is versatile and adaptable to different cultures.  We developed this program during the last seven years in Costa Rica and it is now ready  to be duplicated in other locations around the world.

How we do it.

At clubhouses in at risk communities, Seeds offers 9 week courses year in: 

English, Vocations,  Healthy Relationships, Personal Growth and Bible

Students are motivated to come and learn by our rewards system.

There are five 9 week sessions per year. During each session students can take up to 6 nine week courses.                             
For each course completed the student will receive a graduation certificate which can be used to gain future employment.
Students must attend at least seven of the nine classes, on time, to receive this certificate for the course.   

The goal for each student is to receive:                                                                                   

Ten credits in English,  Ten credits in Bible, Ten credits in Healthy Relationships, Ten credits in Vocational Skills, and Ten Credits in Personal Growth.          

Seeds of Hope has three levels of students:

-Students who are currently enrolled in the program

-Students who are interns at SOH

-Students who have gone through the program and who are now on staff at SOH   

Seeds of Hope Curriculum:

Bible Courses

New Life in Christ Course

Session 1: Vol 1 de 13 classes: Basic Steps of the Christian life 1

Session 2: Vol 2 de 15 classes:  Basic Steps of the Christian life 2

Session 3: Vol 3 de 11 classes:  Living with others

Session 4: Vol 4 de 12 classes:  Bible Answers to Common Lies 1

Session 5: Vol 5 de 11 classes:  Bible Answers to Common Lies 2

Superbook video series & discussion

Bible TV series  & discussion

Igniting Your Faith  book study & discussion

Personal Growth Courses:






Healthy Relationships Courses :

Spiritual FoundationsCommunication and Boundaries

Captivating  book summary & discussion, for girls

Wild at Heart book summary & discussion, for boys

Battlefield of the Mind  for Teens, with memory verses  &  discussion

Substance Abuse & STDs

Moral Revolution book study  &  discussion

Trata & Trafficking

What is Sexual Exploitation

Basic Social Skills

Community Leadership

English Courses: 

TEFL for Ticos (by the Peace Corps)

1 Beginning   Lessons 1-40

2  Intermediate  Lessons 41-60  (Must pass English 1 final  to attend English 2)

Vocational Courses:

Tourism, Computers, Hair styling  & nails, Sewing, Cooking, Moringa, Crafts for sale, Bicycle Repair, Motorcycle repair, Electrician, Mechanics, Sustainable Agriculture, Painting, Carpentry and more.

Leaders Course: 

A special course designed to mentor students into becoming great leaders.

If you know someone who is interested in implementing our Clubhouse in a Box Program in their community please advise them to write to for more information.